About ANVC Cartoons

Welcome to Almost Nonviolent Communication, a process jointly (and often unwittingly) developed by the NVC (Nonviolent Communication) community! :-)

To understand why the cartoons could be funny it is useful to have some experience with NVC and the NVC community.

All ANVC Cartoons on this website are created by me, Sven Hartenstein. It all started in March 2010 and most cartoons were added later.

I am not good at drawing. I am much better at copying and pasting. The animal images are taken from the public domain; they are available at Open Clipart.

The first translations into German were supported by Niklas Wilkens - thank you, Niklas! Translation into Polish was done by Agnieszka Pietlicka with support from the team Dialogue Unlimited - thank you, Agnieszka and team! Translation into Chinese was done by Ning Zhu, Hongyan Li, Xiaoli Lin, and Yinhua Ruan - thank you all! Translation into French was done by Natalie Murat - thank you, Natalie! Translation into Hungarian was done by Turi Zsolt with revision by Kőrős Blanka - thank you both! Translation into Italian was done by Viola Bühler with revision by Massimo Spagnuolo - thank you both! Translation into Turkish was done by Elif Ayber with the help of her NVC enthusiast friends - thank you Elif and friends! If you would like to translate the cartoons into another language, please let me know!

If you would like to get a cartoon in higher resolution (i. e. larger, e. g. for high quality printing) or in SVG format, let me know.

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